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Chicago Pure Water Tip 10
Keep In Mind That Bottled Water Releases Loads Of Carbon Dioxide Into The Air, Requires 3 Liters Of Water To Clean And Manufacture Just 1 Liter And Can Still House Contaminants Due To The Bottle’s Chemical Composition!

The entire point of bottled water is to have a healthier option than typical tap water but is it TRULY helping?

Not as much as you think.  The process of bottling water is guilty of releasing loads of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each and every year.  Carbon Dioxide can cause a variety of health problems and is notorious for increasing the greenhouse effect which causes the Earth to become warmer than it normally would.  It also takes at least 3 liters of water to clean and manufacture the liquid stored inside those plastic bottles.  That’s a lot of waste for little benefit.

The President’s Cancer panel even recommended using home water filtration because it’s overall cleaner than bottled water.  Not all contaminants are eliminated in most bottled water and the carbon-based chemical composition of the bottle itself.  In fact, tap water that is filtered only costs around 3 cents per gallon while bottled water costs 300 times more.  It makes more financial sense to invest in a home filtration system than to flush money down the toilet buying cases upon cases of bottled water on a regular basis.

The saddest part is that less than 1/3 of the water bottles you recycle are ACTUALLY recycled.  Most end up in landfills anyway.  These reasons might be why there is a movement gaining ground in America to “Ban the Bottle.”

For more information on this subject, read How Home Filtration And Bottled Water Stack Up.

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