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Chicagos Risky Water Problem

“Legal does not necessarily equal safe.”

These words from Sydney Evans, a science analyst for Environmental Working Group, raise concerns about the quality of drinking  water in the United States.  With reports showing more than 270 contaminants in drinking water across the nation, the harmful levels are calling government safety levels into question.  The levels of contaminants that are deemed “safe” for consumption are terribly outdated and proving unsafe for public health.  These levels should be adjusted to protect the public from the effects of such harmful chemicals that have been linked to causing cancers, damage to the brain and nervous system as well as many other critical health concerns.

While it isn’t just Chicago showing high levels of harmful substances such as chloroform, radium and nitrate but protecting a nation starts one community at a time.  Cleansing our drinking water is more important than ever before.

Read the Cancer Contaminated Drinking Water to find out More About what lurks in our local water supplies and how we should combat it.
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