Who we are
Since 2009, ProEcoLife has been a family owned and operated water filtration systems company. Our unique and innovative filtration systems were founded by Polish medal winning long distance runner, Karol Dolega, who was searching for a ground-breaking way to eliminate harmful additives and contaminates from his water supply. Karol’s belief in a healthier, pure water led to ProEcoLife launching their PEL75 system and a better quality of life.
Who is, Karol Dolega?
Currently, a former athlete, winner of many sports medals, is the founder of Pro ECO Life. His sports career allowed him to understand the importance of clean and healthy water for the body.
Why Us, Because…
  • We recognize the need to improve the quality of our customers’ lives
  • We prefer an ecological and healthy lifestyle
  • We save our clients time and money
  • We are ECO and we care for our planet
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What We Offer

We know the importance of clean water for humans. In the current era of a huge industry, it is not always possible to ensure good quality water for the inhabitants of cities and villages. For economic reasons, alternative solutions are used to support water purification to meet the huge demand for drinking water, unfortunately, this is not a friendly solution for human health. We’ve created advanced drinking water purification and treatment technology that no other method to date can match. Our devices can be used wherever there are water supply and electricity.

everyday use

At home, work and travel – drink only clean and healthy water. Our water filter systems will provide you with the comfort of life and provide the necessary minerals that you need every day.


Do you have your own business, restaurant, café, hotel, or other institution? Take care of water quality for your customers and employees and you will certainly be appreciated.


Each of us knows how important our and family’s health is. Do not let your family use dirty and heavy metal-rich water. Use filtered and mineralized water for a meal, for your body and your pets.

Our ProductS

An advanced filter system controlled by a computer with a pump will clean your water of heavy metals, chlorine, and other non-human-friendly chemical components, and then naturally supply it with minerals so that you can enjoy the taste of clean and healthy water.


ProEcoLife PEL75 system “polishes” and purifies your water by eliminating the amount of rust and sediment, odors and chlorine, lead, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including pesticides like linden and herbicides like atrazine. Our water purifier in your home will provide you with great tasting water for drinking, cooking, and making beverages such as coffee, tea, and juices. We recommend using our water for cleaning and washing all foods to eliminate all corrosive water disinfectants in your tap water.

Proecolife Water System combines a number of simple and highly sophisticated technologies, along with precision filters to remove impurities. Some individual stages remove contaminants more effectively than most conventional filters. Other components of the system energize and remineralize the water to provide sparkling clear, 100% pure and great tasting water.

PEL75 System


Shower Filter

A shower water filter is a system that eliminates hard contaminants, like chlorine, to protect the health of your skin and hair.

ProEcoLife 3

What is a water softener and what would you use it for?


Water Softener – A water softener is a system that removes odors and hard minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, and replaces them with sodium or potassium.  This process is called ion exchange.

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ProEcoLife 23
Shower Filters

Shower Water Filter System

ProEcoLife 1

Water Softener System

ProEcoLife 21
ProEcoLife 25

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ProEcoLife 6

The term “big blue” has become a Kleenex term in the water industry that refers to filter housings with a four and a half inch diameter filter.

A Big Blue filter housing holds big filter cartridges. Water enters one end and goes down through the housing. Depending on what type of filter cartridge you have, water might flow through the filter and then out, or it might go all the way to the bottom and flow up through the media in the drop-in cartridge. You can put a variety of filter cartridges inside a housing depending on what you’re trying to filter out.

These filter housings are used for point-of-entry (POE) filtration, typically residential. They can be used commercially with more flow rate than a standard-size filter housing. A lot of water can flow through a large-diameter filter housing, so it’s used for a variety of applications. You can put a sediment filter, a carbon filter, or a specialty filter with ion-exchange resin or arsenic-reducing media in a Big Blue filter housing.

ModelWH BB
TypePre-treatment water filtration system
1st Stage20″ PP 5 micron filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
2nd Stage20″ GAC cabron filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
3rd Stage20″ CTO carbon block filter cartridge, Blue or White filter housing
Filter housingDouble O-ring filter housing (U.S.A patent #5985143)
FDA approved polypropylene made
In / Out port3/4″, 1″, 1.5″
Pressure Gauge2.5″ Glycerine pressure gauge (optional)
Standard equipmentBig wrench for big blue housing
BracketHanging type
Feed Water Pressure70 psi
Feed Water Temperature4 ~ 38℃ / 40 ~ 100℉
System Dimensions(W) 62 x (D) 20 x (H) 71 cm OR 24.5″ x 7.88″ x 28″
System Package Dimensions(W) 63 x (D) 21 x (H) 78 cm OR 24.8″ x 8.3″ x 30.7″



The Alkaline filter changes the acidic RO water into a perfect Alkaline Ionized Water. The alkaline filter simply gives back minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion, which were taken away while purifying the water. The resulting alkaline water helps your body maintain a healthy pH level. An alkaline filter is effective and gives the water pH value of 7.8~8.5, which produces perfectly ph-balanced alkaline water and helps minimize the fluctuations of your body’s pH. It also turns acidic drinking water into alkali calcium ion water. This natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions can be absorbed 100% by the body. It is easily absorbed in the body because it has structurally smaller molecules which help the body take in more water and replenish quickly lost water.


Mineral Filter

A mineralized filter has perfectly balanced proportions of minerals necessary for healthy development of the human body. The Mineralized filter was designed by top specialists of The Military Medical Academy in the USA. These mineral formations occur naturally and we are effectively boosting the process so that the restructuring can occur in a mere 18 inches of travel by the water, rather than over miles of river rocks on Earth. Water is enriched with all necessary minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. Daily absorption of minerals in water doesn’t have a major impact on the physiological functions of our body but it can be a great addition to the regular daily mineral intake with solid foods and supplements.


Infra-red filter

The effect of Far-infra-red rays on our human body are as follows: activate water molecules in our body, improves oxygen levels in our body, eliminates other waste from the human body, nervous system functionality improves, it warms and eliminates fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood and, thus, smoothes the flow of blood. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are part of the sunlight spectrum, which is invisible to the naked eye. The wavelength of the far infrared rays ranges from 4 microns to 1000 microns. The recent studies in biotechnology field revealed that the far-infrared rays played an important role in the formation and growth of all living organisms. For this reason, these specific far-infrared rays are called “biogenetic rays”. Water and proteins are the integral parts of all living organisms on Earth. Water molecules are always oscillating. If water molecules are exposed to oscillating action of 8-10-micron wavelength (some as the wavelength of water molecular oscillation), the “resonance” occurs between the two oscillations. Water makes up 70% of the mass of the human body and FIR is able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen various organs in our bodies when it is absorbed.


Shungite Filter

Shungite is unique in the world and the natural mineral contains Fullerenes, which are special types of the molecular form of carbon. On October 9th, 1996, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto and Professor Richard E.Smalley for their discovery of Fullerenes.  Shungite water helps to improve with various illnesses: the general condition improves, nerve pressure is removed and the inflow of energy is sensed. It is also easier to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and metabolic processes. With the help of the Shungite water, skin diseases are cured much more easily and sprinkling your head with Shungite water decreases the loss of the hair. Hair is resilient and healthy-looking, the face skin rejuvenates, wrinkles smooth down and skin elasticity restores itself. The most important thing for us, living under constant stress, strain and unfavorable ecological conditions, is regeneration characteristics of the Shungite, which restore vitality in humans. Shungite water helps relieve headaches, backaches, rheumatism, removes neuralgic states, normalizes sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, clears the respiratory tract and increases activity, including sexual.


Chlorine Filter

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is designed to remove unpleasant taste and odors as well as sediment to produce cleaner, clearer and better-tasting water.

Post-carbon filters use a granular activated coconut carbon with hundreds of square feet of absorption area, which helps to polish and improve the taste and odor.  Filters with GAC, or granular activated carbon, are proven to remove chemicals such as chlorine or those such as hydrogen sulfide, which can cause water to smell like rotten eggs.  The activated carbon traps and absorbs harmful contaminants such as chlorine.  When chlorine enters the body as a result of breathing, swallowing or skin contact, it reacts with water to produce acids that are corrosive and damages cells in the body.  Scientists claim that these changes to our cells can play a huge role in causing cancer, specifically bladder cancer.  Drinking a glass of chlorinated water is no different than drinking a glass of water that contains bleach.  Using a GAC filter removes harmful chlorine from ending up in your family’s drinking water, the water you clean with and the water you bathe in.


Throughout the first filtration stage, tap or well water passes through a 5 micron Sediment filter where silt, sediment and particles (like sand and clay) are removed.

In the second and third stage, water is forced through a high-efficiency coconut shell carbon filter where a specialized carbon efficiently absorbs chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, radon, bad tastes, odors and other harmful organic chemicals and pollutants. This pre-filtered water is now cleaned of membrane-damaging particles and chemicals. Stages 1, 2 and 3 protect the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane from harmful damage. Next water is handled by a hi-efficiency pump – this pump will increase filtration efficiency and lower wastewater discharge making this system the most water-saving Reverse Osmosis system available.


For most areas of the world, RO (reverse osmosis) is the only reasonable option for water treatment. It is a continuous self-cleaning ultra-filtration system. Our RO membrane removes up to 98% of undesirable water contaminants and total dissolved solids allowing only the clean water to pass. Only the highest quality RO membranes have been individually tested and selected for our ProEcoLife Water filtration system. These membranes come with a 3-year warranty and an expected 7-year life. Lower quality membranes can remove up to 90% when new but weaken quickly over time and require replacement annually.

What occurs in our RO system is that the pre-filtered water passes through a thin-film reverse osmosis membrane module where pure water molecules are separated, leaving salts, hardness, bacteria, viruses, pyrogens and other impurities isolated and available for flushing from the system. The whole process of RO treatment is controlled by a state-of-the-art computer with sensors and solenoid valves to ensure the quality of water purification processes. The system will clean and flush the RO membrane to our highest quality level and the computer will display a TDS level to provide us with peace of mind and assurance of clean water. Systems without a computer cannot control the quality of purified water for drinking.  Next, cleaned water is moved into a 2.7 gallons pressurized storage tank. This tank usually fills in about 45 minutes. The purified water is safely enclosed within a butyl rubber bladder with air pressure surrounding the bladder and occupying the remaining volume within the tank.  When you turn on your faucet, only this pure, clean water flows for you and your family to use.

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Would you like us to test the water purity in your home or business for free? No problem!

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Andrei Petrov
Fitness Trainer

As a personal trainer for a national gym franchise, I am extremely picky about what I consume and allow in my body.  Having used ProEcoLife systems for a few months now, I notice a HUGE difference in how I stay hydrated and how I feel.  This is the only water I will take in to replenish and feed my body!

Happy Mother

This water is so much healthier for my family and cleans everything much better!  I highly recommend this system!

Barry Wright
From Chicago

Finally, a truly pure, clean water to replenish my body throughout my day.  You can taste the difference – I’ll never go back to regular city water!

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