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ProEcoLife Pure Water Tip 11
Pay Attention To The Signals That Your Body Gives You To Drink Water. Ignoring Simple Thirst Can Lead To Severe Headaches, Joint Pain, Lack Of Energy And Even Weight Gain!

We need water to survive.

That’s a fact.  Sadly, we are more likely to go skydiving or run a marathon than take in the daily amount of water needed to keep our bodies in peak condition.  Whether it’s the hectic pace of our schedules or simply forgetting, we are doing more harm to ourselves than good.

Believe it or not, your body WILL tell you that it needs more water.  Of course, if you feel thirsty – DRINK!  Here are some other signs that you are not getting enough H2O…

Severe Headaches – Dehydration actually lowers blood flow and oxygen to your brain and causes inflammation.  All from simply not drinking water.  The next time you feel a headache coming on, try drinking a glass of water and see if that helps.

Lack Of Energy – If you feel tired all of the time, don’t assume it’s because you pack your days.  It could simply be because you don’t drink enough aqua.  When your body is dehydrated, it stores energy instead of expending it.

Disoriented – Get a little dizzy in the afternoon?  You might be experiencing an afternoon crash because you aren’t fueling your body correctly.  Confusion, delirium and dizziness are all signs of dehydration.

Dryness – Without water, your mouth, eyes and skin become too dry to produce necessary moisture.  No saliva, tears and itching, rough skin are common signs.

Pain – Muscle cramps and joint pain can occur during dehydration.  Water keeps inflammation and soreness at bay.  Your joints also need water to absorb sudden shock, such as falls.

Stomach Issues – Digestive problems, like constipation, are common with lack of water.  It’s important that your gut is full of H2O to keep systems functioning correctly.

Urine and Sweat – If your urine is too dark – drink more water!  If you can’t seem to produce sweat even during heavy activity or exercise – drink more water!  These are clear indicators that you are not replenishing your body.  Sweat helps keep your body temperature regulated so not being able to sweat can lead to heatstroke – a very serious consequence from not staying hydrated.

Weight Gain – When your body experiences a low supply of water, it slows your metabolism and prevents you from burning fat.  Drink that water to keep from packing on extra pounds.

You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.  If you can’t quite hit that mark, drink as much as you can.  A few glasses is better than none.  Our brains are 80% water and our bodies need it to thrive and run efficiently so make an effort to consume more.  Remember that sodas do NOT contain enough water to sustain you.  Use a water bottle while you run errands or replace that pop during dinner with a glass of water.

Also keep in mind that the less contaminants in your water, the better.  Not only will this help the water taste more pleasant but it will nourish your body far more to put clean water inside your system than to ingest chlorine, metals or other impurities.  You can get a filter pitcher for your fridge or install a whole house filtration system like the Pel75.  Any way to clean the chemicals and harsh contaminants from your water will make that next glass far more refreshing!


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