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Coronavirus Water Myths Debunked

There seems to be an influx of information regarding what individuals should and should not be doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  While many of these tips are useful, quite a few of them are simply inaccurate.  The curse of social media is that misinformation has a chance to flourish and cloud the facts.  Here are a few of the popular myths concerning how drinking water is affecting Covid-19.

Drinking Water Can “Kill” The Virus – FALSE

A popular myth traveling around is that you should drink water every 15 minutes or so to wash the coronavirus into your stomach where the acids will kill it.  There is NO clear indication that this directly protects you against complications.  You simply can NOT “flush away” the virus.  Of course, drinking water is vital to keeping up immune systems and keeping mucous membranes moist in order to alleviate systems and rehydrate.  Discover more about Why Drinking Water During Coronavirus Is Important.

Keeping Your Mouth Moist And Drinking A Lot Of Water Prevents Infection – FALSE

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that keeping your mouth moist will prevent Coronavirus infection.  Again, it is always important to drink water and stay hydrated to strengthen so many of your most critical bodily functions but it doesn’t prevent an infection.  Nothing is an absolute cure-all.

Covid-19 Can Spread Through Drinking Water – FALSE

According to the CDC, Covid-19 has not been detected in drinking water.  They do, however, suggest that proper filtration and disinfection of municipal drinking water is an important preventative measure to help remove or inactivate the virus that causes it.  It’s a “better safe than sorry” sort of thing.

There Is A Chance That Covid-19 Can Be In Our Pools, Hot Tubs Or Spas – FALSE

The CDC is monitoring this particular situation but as of now, the chance of Covid-19 spreading to humans through pools, hot tubs or spas is incredibly low.  They advise that with proper maintenance, disinfection and use of such equipment, if something did exist, it should inactivate the virus that causes it.  The greater prevention comes from social distancing and quarantine, so stay away from public pools, hot tubs or spas until world health officials declare the quarantine over.

Understanding the truth is important in staying safe but don’t skimp on drinking water while in quarantine.  It’s extremely important to always stay hydrated.  It doesn’t matter if you use hot or cold water, lather your hands well with soap and wash for at least 20 seconds.  Keep 6 feet apart from everyone when in public and, if you’re sick – even a sniffle, stay at home until you feel better.  Knowledge is important so take care of yourselves and remember to continue to drink your daily dose of water.

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