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Are You Washing Your Hands In Coronavirus-Free Water?

The beginning of 2020 has been a doozy.  With a coronavirus pandemic breaking out across the world, a uniform quarantine was put into place to try and control the spread of this virus.  Part of CDC health guidelines is social distancing, masks and consistent hand washing.  With a gestation period of two to fourteen days, it’s more critical than ever to keep your home clean and wash your hands when coming home from work or the store.

In our attempts to keep ourselves healthy, how clean is the water we depend on to keep germs at bay?

In 2003, the SARS outbreak was found in the sewage systems as well and data suggested that boiling or running your water through a reverse osmosis purification system helped inactivate that strain of coronavirus.  Flash forward to our current pandemic.  So far, evidence suggests that the chances of the Covid-19 virus passing through sewage systems are incredibly slim.  Of course, it could be possible but nothing suggests that this will be the case so you can breathe a sigh of relief.  So, NO, you are not likely to wash your hands in Covid-19.

However, knowing that public water supplies often can pass other harmful chemicals and bacteria through undiscovered, isn’t it better to play it safe and make sure your water is the best quality possible?

Many people were hoarding bottled water in an attempt to keep clean water in their homes until more about this strain was discovered.  Eventually those water bottles will run out.  It simply isn’t feasible to sustain day-to-day life – drinking, washing, cleaning – with bottled water.  A great way to eliminate viruses is by boiling your tap water.  When water supplies become contaminated, health officials usually put a boil water advisory out to citizens.  It usually lasts a short time until the problem is fixed.

However, what happens once the advisory is over?  Sure, that virus may be gone but what about harmful chemicals or other contaminants that make their way into public water supplies?  You couldn’t possibly boil every drop of water you use for the rest of your life, could you?  It would be a full-time job and one of the only things you ever did.  It simply isn’t feasible long-term.

One of the most efficient ways to have better quality water is by installing a purification system.  Having a water source that is free of contaminants and instantly accessible is priceless.  You don’t have to waste so much precious time trying to keep your water clean or live life out of a plastic bottle.  When you turn on your tap or start your shower, you have peace of mind knowing that your water isn’t full of chemicals or bacteria.  In fact, most reverse osmosis system membranes have pore sizes 1000 times smaller than the diameter of the coronavirus, significantly reducing the chances it can pass through to you.

Keep in mind, if a boil advisory is ever issued for your area, take it seriously.  Boil even the filtered water because it means that there is something in that batch that even reverse osmosis systems can’t stop.  It is rare to have one issued in most parts of the world.  For the rest of the time, keep your water as clean and protected as possible by using a purification system such as the Pel75.  Don’t leave the quality of your drinking water to chance, keep it clean and healthy!


Don’t hesitate to contact your local water filtration experts at 312.889.8888 to find out how you can have pure water in your very own living space as soon as possible.

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