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Hickory Hills Pure Water Tip 8
Drinking Tepid, Or Room Temperature, Water Is Better For Digestion, Circulation And Can Help You Get Rid Of Toxins Faster Than Cold Water. It Can Also Make You Feel Better When You Are Sick!

For many Hickory Hills residents the first inclination, especially during the sweltering days of summer, is to down a nice, cold glass of water.  While this may help initially overcome the overheating sensation in your body, it is actually better for you to consume water that is at room temperature or warm.

Warm water does, in fact, help rid your body of toxins much quicker and improve circulation.  It can also help in proper digestion and metabolism that relieves bloating and pain.  According to NDTV Food, the warm water helps control cholesterol levels and keep your arteries clean.  When you drink cold water, you can actually decrease the blood supply to certain organs which can lead to constipation.

Warm water still gives you the same hydration and energy as cold water but provides better benefits, especially when you are ill.  Cold water can make nasal mucous thicker and difficult to pass through the respiratory tract.  It can make your congestion feel worse than it does.  This is no big surprise considering chicken soup and hot water are known to help people breathe easier when sick.  Cold water has also been linked to triggering migraines in those predisposed to getting them and aggravating the pain of achalasia – a condition that limits one’s ability to pass food through the esophagus.

While there are definite pros to having water at room temp, cold water still helps our bodies retain a lower temperature while exercising.  An important tip to remember is that warm water can make you feel less thirsty which can be dangerous on days when you are sweating out water to keep cool and need to replenish it.  Keep this in mind and make it a point to drink more water on hot days.

It doesn’t matter what temperature you prefer your water or which benefits you would like to explore as long as that liquid is CLEAN.  Contaminated water, at any temperature, can introduce toxins and disease which wreak havoc on your body.  Having a nice, pure glass of pure water out of your Hickory Hills filter system, the Pel75, is the first step in adapting healthier habits and boosting your well-being.

Be safe, stay strong and focus on what you CAN control – properly nourishing your mind, body and spirit.  If you aren’t ready to drink room temperature water all of the time, try introducing a glass or two into your daily routine so you increase the health benefits associated with it.

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