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Why Drinking Water Is Crucial During Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the world and governments mandating a quarantine to slow the spread of the illness, many are left wondering what they can do to stay healthy.  Taking in vitamins, eating well and hydration are crucial to building a strong immune system but drinking water may be more significant than you think.

To function at its best, your body needs water and lots of it.  This is especially true if you’re running a fever or experiencing vomiting or diarrhea since you need to replenish the water you are expelling.  Staying properly hydrated actually helps with recovery.

Drinking enough water every day to be properly hydrated can decrease irritation brought on by sneezing, coughing or breathing and even help your nose maintain the mucous membrane.  Alleviating the symptoms of dehydration and keeping your immune system running in peak condition are vital, not just during quarantine, but every day of your life.  A body that is nourished and taking in enough water and electrolytes significantly aids in recovery from viruses.

Hydration helps regulate body temperature and relieve fever, support digestion and absorption, cleans airways and improves breathing and even improves oxygen levels and brain function.  Drink as much water as possible when you aren’t sick and if you are, drink a rehydrator like Pedialyte.  It’s important to nourish, rest and recharge as much as possible.

It can be tempting, especially in quarantine, to drink sugary beverages as a comfort or for variety but do this sparingly.  Too much sugar is unhealthy for your body in so many ways.  High sugar diets increase metabolic diseases and decrease lifespan overall so keep the soda or juices to a minimum as a treat.  Try to consume at least 8 glasses of water throughout your day and keep a bottle nearby, within sight, so you’re more likely to sip on that.  Your body and brain will definitely thank you!

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