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Palos Hills Pure Water Tip 9
Drinking Water Every Day Keeps Your Mouth Clean By Removing Leftover Food, Sugar And Other Residue That Cavity-Causing Bacteria Feed On And Helps Fight The Dreaded Dry Mouth!

ProEcoLife of Palos Hills wanted to share this important health benefit that you can get from simply drinking more water throughout your day.  When you drink sugary beverages, they may taste great with a meal but they end up leaving behind a load of sugar on your teeth.  This residue is a feast for bacteria that creates acids as byproducts.  These acids can break down the enamel if not cleaned off or washed down.  Decay and cavities are often caused by bacteria feeding off of sugar and leftover food.

When you drink a glass of pure water, it helps clean sugars, leftover food and other horrible residue out of your mouth.  With proper brushing, flossing and drinking water throughout your day, you can stave off cavities and other damage to your teeth.

Your body naturally tries to fight off tooth decay by creating saliva to help wash gunk out of your mouth.  When you run low on saliva, your dry mouth puts you at risk for tooth decay.  Replenish that saliva by consuming more water and keep your mouth and your dentist happy!

It’s important to remember that the type of water you drink is important.  If your water is contaminated or foul, you end up putting more negative things in your body than you wash away.  Consuming water throughout your day is important for your dental and physical health so be sure it’s pure!


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