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Nationwide Water Violations Revealed

In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act went into effect to protect us from harmful chemicals found in our very own water supply. This law helps regulate over 100 contaminants in order to keep us healthy but it hasn’t been updated in decades.

With disasters like Flint coming to light, just how can a law that hasn’t been updated to reflect current exposure levels, environment and chemicals keep us safe?

A couple years ago, the NRDC conducted an in-depth analysis of United States water supplies and discovered massive violations across the board.  Some of these violations include failing to report contamination to the appropriate authorities and failing to test the water at all.  The problem may have come to the surface in Flint, Michigan but do you know how your community stacks up?

Take a look at these threats to our water supply and see the truth for yourself!
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[…] study done by the NRDC, which we covered in our last article that you can read HERE, found a massive quantity of violations regarding our drinking water.  This in-depth report […]

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