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ProEcoLife Pure Water Tips
You Should Drink 1 Glass Of Water Each Of These Times: After Waking Up, Thirty Minutes Before A Meal, An Hour After The Meal, Before A Bath And An Hour Before Bed.

There are so many different opinions among health organizations and doctors about how much water you should drink and when you should be consuming it.  The one thing they can all agree on is that you should be drinking AT LEAST 8 full glasses of water each and every day.

Realistically, you should be drinking more and how much is going to be different based on weight, health, age, etc.  A great way to make sure you are getting a good portion of water to keep your systems hydrated is to follow the tips below that have been recommended by SingHealth and other organizations.

After Waking Up – Drinking a glass when you rise actually helps to activate your internal organs and clear out toxins before your first meal of the day.

Before A Meal – Have a glass of pure water 30 minutes before you eat a meal.  This will help digestion.  Try not to drink sooner than that or the water can dilute your digestive juices.  A glass of water can also help you feel a bit fuller and prevent overeating.

After A Meal – Drink a glass one hour after your meal to help your body absorb those amazing nutrients.  Try not to drink sooner than an hour after or the water can dilute your digestive juices.

Before A Bath – Having a glass of water before you take a bath has been shown to reduce your blood pressure. It applies to showers as well.

Before You Go To Sleep – Drink a glass one hour before bedtime to help replace any liquids lost and aid cell renewal while you are dozing away in slumberland.

There are so many amazing health benefits that occur when keeping our bodies properly hydrated, such as our minds being more alert, so finding ways to incorporate more water into your day is key.  Check out our guide on The Health Benefits Of Pure Water to see what systems are affected and how by staying nourished.

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