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Reverse Osmosis Facts

Water isn’t safe anymore.

In decades past, you could drink municipal water and go on with your day but that just isn’t the case.  Pure water is essential to sustain life.  It shouldn’t be full of disease causing toxins and microbes.  In fact, water reduces allergy symptoms and illnesses by hydrating our cells, decreasing toxic histamines and flushing out contaminants, waste and those pesky microbes.  Since our bodies are 60 percent water and optimal intake is crucial in maintaining a healthy existence, where can we get our vital clean water?

Honestly, through water we’ve purified ourselves.

Tap, alkaline, carbon filtered and, yep, even some of those “pure” bottled waters are full of allergens, metals, chemicals and even nuclear material.  The only way to keep contaminants out of your body and keep your systems running in peak performance is by drinking either distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Both of these purification methods are devoid of minerals but we get the majority of them from eating NOT drinking.  By having a normal diet of veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits – you will have everything your body needs to stay in check.  The best part is that this is how we SHOULD be eating anyway.

The best way to get the water that you need is by investing in a reverse osmosis unit.  Reverse osmosis removes aluminum, heavy metals, nuclear waste and even arsenic and chlorine from your drinking water.  Through this method, you can ensure clean drinking water, and with the PEL75, the cleanest around.

Most reverse osmosis systems implement a complete purification process that includes a 3 step process to eliminate microbes, metals and other contaminants.  The Pel75 system uses state-of-the-art military technology to incorporate a 9 step purification process for your entire home.  This isn’t simply the water you drink but the water you use to clean yourself, brush your teeth and clean your clothes.

It isn’t enough to have water.  Your body needs water that doesn’t expose it to harmful toxins and lower our natural defenses for fighting off disease.  In order to live the best versions of ourselves, we need water that replenishes, not chips away at the important parts of our bodies.  Until you can have a reverse osmosis unit installed in your home, buy water in glass bottles that has it indicated directly on the label it was processed through an RO unit or triple-filtered.  Your body will thank you.

Not sure if we can supply your unique space?  Have questions about how our filtration system does what it does?  Contact ProEcoLife today at 312.889.8888 to speak to our amazing staff!

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