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Is Reverse Osmosis For You?

With all of the healthy living products available on the market today, many folks just like yourself often wonder if reverse osmosis is for them.  It’s touted as being good for you but can this possibly be true?

It helps to understand what reverse osmosis is in the first place.  Reverse osmosis is an advanced water purification system originally developed by the U.S. Navy to turn seawater into drinking water for submarine crews.  It forces water under pressure into a series of membranes that sift out harmful byproducts or bacteria.  This is important because there is so much gunk in unfiltered water that can be harmful to our systems and cause issues over prolonged use.

No, reverse osmosis water is NOT distilled water.  They both attempt to accomplish the same thing – to remove impurities – but they are two different processes.  Reverse osmosis pushes water through membranes while distillation boils the water, condenses the steam and catches the byproduct.  While both are acceptable, keep in mind that distillers have a hard time weeding out chloramines – which are disinfectants used by cities to clean water.  Reverse osmosis does an incredible job of filtering chloramines out as well.

The fact is, when you use an advanced water filtration system such as the Pel75, it doesn’t rely on a single reverse osmosis membrane but many layers of protection.  The Pel75 has nine layers of purification to deliver the cleanest water possible.  With a reverse osmosis membrane, shungite filter, mineral filter, ionizer, infra-red, UV filter and more, you are not leaving any room for harsh chemicals or bacteria to linger.

Your body needs water to survive, yes, but it needs to keep properly hydrated in order to perform at the highest levels possible.  So many of your inner systems can do amazing things such as protection and healing if they simply are well hydrated.  Knowing that your body is a fantastic and complex machine capable of more than you can imagine if you only add water, why would you fill it with chemicals or foreign entities that can impede those systems?

Fill your body with clean, pure water and you’ll notice how much better you feel and how a properly nourished system can truly flourish.  Many wonder if reverse osmosis systems will work for them but the answer is clear.  You wouldn’t put dirty oil in a pristine engine, would you?  Your body deserves refreshing, clean water.  Don’t hesitate to contact your local water filtration experts at 312.889.8888 to find out how you can have pure water in your very own living space as soon as possible.

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