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Why Drinking Water Works Wonders During The Holidays

With Halloween officially over the rush begins to prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Even though 2020 may have changed how we celebrate, it is likely you will still gather with friends and family and continue as many familiar traditions as possible.  One thing that hasn’t changed, and will not change no matter what occurs in the future, is how much of an impact drinking more water has on your holiday season.

Knock Hangovers – Holidays are a time when many partake in an alcoholic beverage or two to celebrate or kick back.  Rather than suffer the consequences of too much eggnog, you’d be surprised what a little water can do.  Alcohol naturally dehydrates your body.  Make it a habit that, for every glass of alcohol you consume, you follow it with a glass of water.  Keeping hydrated will actually make you feel so much better that next morning.

Beat Exhaustion – Another symptom of holiday madness is exhaustion.  Between getting presents together, organizing events and cooking large meals, it can be hard to recharge your body properly.  Health professionals suggest consuming more water, better if you can hit that 8 glasses a day mark, in order to be more alert and rest better.  Giving your body proper hydration allows it to function better which leads to more energy and an increase in the quality of rest you get.

Control Hunger – The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are a time when we tend to gorge ourselves on delicious foods.  This can make us feel bloated, tired or even pack on some pounds.  A great way to combat this is by grabbing water when you feel hungry.  Many times, when we feel hungry, we are actually just thirsty.  While you eat, make sure to drink plenty of water before and during your meal.  This can help curb hunger and have you eating less.  Remember that water is a zero calorie beverage and, fun fact, drinking cold water has been found to burn more calories.

Healthy Skin – Worried that you might not look your best for holiday pictures?  Water actually hydrates your skin cells making them less dry and helping your skin look tight and fresh.  Don’t forget that skin is another organ of your body and requires water too.  Hydration has long been believed to give the appearance of more youthful skin.

Skip The Sick – It may seem odd but staying hydrated can actually help you avoid catching a cold.  When you’re hydrated, your mucus membranes function better and actually block those horrible little germs from getting into the upper part of your nose and throat.  If you do get sick, there is a reason doctors tell you to drink plenty of fluids – staying hydrated will help you recover faster.

Fresh Breath – No one wants bad breath around the holidays, especially when they are celebrating around family and friends.  The Mayo Clinic actually suggests drinking more water to combat this.  You will wash away food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath in the first place.  Keep your mouth hydrated and save everyone’s nose.

It’s true – drinking more water around the holidays can contribute to making you feel better so you can enjoy the season.  Stay hydrated and watch the magic unfold!


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