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Water Filters You Can Depend On

Can you trust the water coming out of your home tap?

This isn’t a question you should be hesitant about.  You should expect fresh, clean water in your home for you and your family to cook with, use for cleaning and for nourishment.  Public water supplies are often full of contaminants such as chlorine and can pick up unwanted elements on their journey through rusted pipes.  It’s definitely not feasible to use bottled water for every function in your home, so what are your options?

How about a filtration system that actually cleans the water of impurities?

The Pel75 water filtration system that we offer at ProEcoLife is not a band-aid for the problem of dirty water but an actual solution you can count on.  Rust, odors, lead, bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs – all removed from your home’s water due to a nine-step filtration process perfected from U.S. military science and technology.  Some of the steps taken in the Pel75 system actually remove contaminants better than conventional filters and other components actually energize and remineralize the water providing some of the freshest, most pure H2O around!

With a whole-house filter system, like the big blue, at the point of entry for water in your home, you can expect great tasting, pure water every time you turn on the tap.

We also offer amazing stand-alone products alongside the Pel75 system such as shower filters, refills and whole-home water filtration systems.

ProEcoLife filters not only have the capability to truly cleanse your water but can be adapted into businesses, educational institutions, medical facilities, hospitality centers, public spaces, government facilities and much, much more.  Whether you are a business owner looking to provide a refreshing, nourishing solution for your staff or a home owner searching for better solutions for your family, ProEcoLife has a filter for you!

Learn more about our filtration process HERE or contact your local water filtration experts at 312.889.8888 to find out what options are available and how you can have this pure water in your very own living space today.

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