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ProEcoLife Pure Water Tip 13
If Your Home Was Built Before 1986, Your Clothes Are Still Dingy After Washing Or Your Water Tastes Bad, These Are Signs That You Probably Need A Water Filter System.

While you may purchase a water filter system for your home for many reasons, such as to eliminate contaminants from drinking water, it isn’t something that jumps to the top of some folks’ list.  Whether they are just too busy to focus on their home water supply or they aren’t aware of the warning signs that you may need one, there are definite red flags that are calling for your attention.

So, how does your home alert you to the fact you may need a water filter system?

Your Home Was Built Before 1986 – Pipes made prior to 1986 contain lead – a harmful toxin in water supplies.  You can have all of your pipes replaced – a very expensive task – or simply use a water filter system which easily eliminates lead.

You Have Well Water – While wells used to be a clean source of water, with the amount of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals leeched into our soil, many have become tainted.  Nitrates, pesticides and heavy metals can be removed through the use of a reverse osmosis water filter system.

Your Clothes Are Dingy – Water high in iron can cause a rusty hue on lighter colored material and hard water can leave darker clothing looking dull or gray.  If switching detergents hasn’t solved it or you have a newer washer, the problem is likely your water.  Iron, minerals and other contaminants have a huge impact on clothing.  Luckily, a whole-house water filter system can remove those damaging agents from your supply.

You Scrub Too Much – If you are constantly scrubbing tubs and sinks because of soap scum, you have a problem with hard water.  The intense levels of calcium and magnesium actually fight against cleaning agents, making them extremely difficult to get rid of.  It also effects how well your soap and shampoo lather – an important step in your self-cleaning ritual.  Filtering hard minerals out is actually pretty simple with a whole-house filter system.

Your Water Tastes Bad – Probably the most obvious sign that you need a filter system is that your tap water tastes pretty gross.  This is actually the biggest cause for many to invest in an under-sink or whole-house water filtration system.  Chlorine, heavy metals or other hard minerals can leave some pretty foul tastes in your mouth but can easily be filtered out.

Keep your water clean and safe for your family by learning from these warning signs that you might need a home water filter system.

Not sure if we can supply your unique space?  Have questions about how our filtration system does what it does?  Contact ProEcoLife Chicago today at 312.889.8888 to speak to our amazing staff!

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