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Proper Hydration From Pure Water

It can be hard to take in enough water to keep our bodies functioning correctly, especially in hot, dry months.  With exercise, sweating and basic activity, you use up the majority you have stored but are you REALLY replenishing those lost reserves?

Our body is made up of 70% water – even blood is comprised of 85% water and our brains are 75%.  Water is absolutely crucial for our survival, it supports our immune system and flushes toxins from our bodies.  To stay properly hydrated, we need at least 2 quarts of water each and every day but the sad fact is that the majority of people fall drastically short of this goal.  Whether they don’t like the taste or simply forget, so many people suffer from dehydration or are not getting the full benefits from a system completely nourished and hydrated.

It’s true that water is in everything – such as fruits and veggies – but drinking coffee, soda, alcohol or other sugary beverages does NOT count towards your daily water intake.  In fact, they can contribute to dehydration.  Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed clean, pure water.  City water and wells are often high risk for chemical and microbe contamination.  The only way to ensure that what you are putting into your body won’t cause negative health effects is by drinking water that has been purified, preferably with a reverse osmosis system.

Installing a water purification system in your home is a great way to be positive that what you are drinking won’t cause more issues to your health but instead properly hydrate and feed your body.

Even bottled water is not a guarantee of safety.  There are studies being conducted because of concerns arising due to storing water in plastic.  Contact the brand and request a report.  Until the studies have fully determined the risk of bottled water, try to drink less water out of a plastic container use more natural sources or containment materials.

The health benefits of pure water are staggering – so many of your critical systems provide even more protection and healing properties when they are fueled correctly.  If you have concerns about the water coming from your tap, contact our ProEcoLife pure water specialists at 312.889.8888 to find out what the Pel75 system can do for you and how it can help you stay hydrated the right way!

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