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Bad Water Triggering Health Concern In Europe

You will be surprised but 2021 is not starting off so well for certain European countries with bad water.  The Barcelona Institute For Global Health has just confirmed the presence of THMs, the chemical trihalomethanes, in the water supply of at least 26 countries.

THMs consist of chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane and bromoform – a terrible combination that can sometimes occur as a byproduct during water disinfection processes.  High levels of THMs can be incredibly dangerous and have been linked to bladder cancer when they are absorbed through skin, inhaled or consumed.  Over the past two decades significant progress has been made to reduce THM levels in many countries.

Experts agree that disinfecting water is absolutely essential to eradicating infections and chlorine is the most common disinfectant used worldwide.  However, THMs rise to dangerous levels when encountering chlorine.  When scientists ran tests, they found that the THM level was exceptionally high in the UK, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Spain and Portugal.  What does this mean for residents of those countries?

More studies are taking place and measures put into place to rectify such issues but in the meantime, residents can decrease the likelihood of foreign chemicals by filtering their home and office water.  A reverse osmosis system can help optimize water treatment to greatly reduce the presence of chemicals.  Not only can these filter systems help clean drinking water but the water you wash and clean with.  As of now, scientists from the Institute are working with those responsible for district water quality to dive into this matter deeper and, hopefully, come up with better safety measures for the future.

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