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Hows Your Coffee Taste Now

Did you know that the coffee you brew takes on the taste and smell of your tap water?

It’s true.  Brewed coffee is 98% water so if you have contaminated, smelly or foul-tasting water, this will transfer to your coffee.  Baristas and coffee aficionados around the world recommend that you make your coffee with filtered water to bring out the true taste in that morning cup.  If water affects the taste of home-brewed coffee, what else is it altering?

Water full of contaminants, chemicals and other materials can damage your hair and cause skin irritation, breakouts and dryness during your grooming routine.  Poor water quality affects your laundry as well.  Clothes, linens, towels – poor water quality can damage fibers, cause stains or fade materials.  Even cleaning your home comes into question because chemicals, disinfection byproducts and built up gunk can find their way to your tap.  At this point, what could you do?

While you may find temporary relief from bottled water, a Brita pitcher or small tap filter, one of the best ways to make sure all of the water used in your home is purified is by installing a whole-house filtration system.  This will clean all of the water coming from taps, tubs, showers, etc. so you don’t have to mess with a million gadgets or worry where you have truly clean water in your home.  Whole-home filtration is an easy way to ensure the water you use to bathe, clean and consume is the best quality possible for you and your family.

At ProEcoLife, the water quality in your home is our top priority.  With our 9-level Pel75 purification system and other filtration products, we strive to provide a clean alternative to tap water.  Created using U.S. military technology and formulated to fit every type of living space, ProEcoLife systems are built to last and provide top-notch water quality in your home for years to come.  From that next cup of coffee to your latest load of laundry, it’s crucial that you are able to trust and rely on having a clean water source to fuel your home!

Learn more about our filtration process HERE or contact your local water filtration experts at 312.889.8888 to find out what options are available and how you can have this pure water in your very own living space today.

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I agree with your suggestion about water quality for your cleaning. When coffee in the morning comes into your hour, you need to make 98% water brewing your coffee. If you want to brew your coffee, you need the best coffee machine. Your formula useful every type of living space.

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