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Oak Lawn Pure Water Tip 3
To combat dehydration brought on by those holiday cocktails, flush out your system with an extra glass of water before bed.

There are many major holidays that occur in the month of December and, no matter what your beliefs or culture, it is very exciting to join in the festivities of the season.  With decorations, feasts and holiday parties, there is so much to do and be thankful for.

One favorite activity to indulge in is all of the neat little holiday cocktails.  With creative minds forging recipes that are whimsical and full of wild colors and flavors, there are many different drinks to choose from, both with and without alcohol.  A great way to combat any ill effects the morning after, be sure to drink an extra glass of water before you venture to bed.  This helps flush alcohol out of your system.

Alcohol dehydrates our bodies so a great way to prevent that is by drinking water frequently throughout your evening.  If you have a glass of wine or a cocktail, make your next beverage a glass of water.  By alternating water into your evening you are staying hydrated and helping your body manage the alcohol better.  You can also eat water-based foods for a similar effect.  Cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, celery, cantaloupe, peaches, etc. are all water-rich foods that can help keep those cocktails from drying you out.

By making water a part of your celebratory routine and closing your evening with a glass of it, you are making huge strides in keeping your body from going without proper nourishment while still being able to enjoy your holiday.

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