Which is better ? Quality drinking water : Osmosis Water or Bottled Water ?
You are what you drink

Woman Drinking Water

You never know what the tap water really contains. How to provide a certain source of pure water at your home? One such method is a reverse osmosis system.


Reverse osmosis is the most effective method of producing the highest quality drinking water. It is a natural process that consists of separating water from dissolved substances without using any chemicals. This results in water free of mechanical impurities such as sand, mud or rust; as well as poisonous, carcinogenic chemicals and microbiological pollutants: viruses, bacteria, protozoa. It is considered to be a domestic water treatment system. This method is used by many companies dealing with water purification systems. The reverse osmosis system is a more convenient and economical alternative to the purchase of bottled water.


The reverse osmosis purification process is conditioned by the presence of a membrane (semipermeable membrane) through which only water molecules can penetrate. Under water pressure, passing through the membrane from the more concentrated solution to the less concentrated one, it is permanently separated from the contaminants that are discharged into the effluent.


Purified water after reverse osmosis:


– is suitable for drinking without previous boiling (straight from the tap)

– is perfect for baby nutrition

– it enhances the aroma of coffee and tea

– is perfect for diluting juices and drinks and for making ice cubes for drinks

– is suitable for washing fruits, vegetables and meat

– the food prepared on it is healthier and has a natural flavor

– is recommended for drinking as it does not have tendency to form kidney stones and gallstones.

– is perfectly suited to care for delicate baby skin; face and teeth cleaning

– it can be used to clean delicate surfaces (e.g. contact lenses)

– does not leave calcium deposits in the kettles, irons, espresso etc.

– eliminates sensitizers (e.g. chlorine)

– it can also be used for aquariums, to water plants and as a source of clean water for pets

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