Which is better ? Quality drinking water : Osmosis Water or Bottled Water ?


We all know that water is an essential element of our survival. To stay healthy we should all drink in large quantities. The Ancient Chinese claimed that frequently drunk water purifies the body and promotes longevity. But the quality of water varies. Is it good to drink it straight from the tap, or is it better bottled or filtered water ? And if filtered which one is the best filter? This is very broad topic, but let’s start with two sources first: reverse osmosis water vs bottled water.


ProEcoLife Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.

This system is equipped with a mineralizer, ionizer and efficient membrane. It removes any impurities (mud, sludge, sand, rust) from the water, improves the taste and odor of water and its color, effectively reduces chlorine and organic pollution. In addition, it enriches the water with compounds such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride in the amount comparable to the best spring water.



The media created an image of bottled water as a product that can be given to the youngest children. However, it turns out that this universal product can bring more losses than profits. First and foremost, plastic packaging has a dangerous impact on water and consequently on our health. Plastic bottles can release harmful substances, (BPA), if they are reused or if they are exposed to the sun. Consumption of even a small amount can result in a change in endocrine system functioning. Today many people are being diagnosed with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and cancer, which were associated with BPA impact. Animal studies suggest that this can also aggravate brain and immune system development, and the effects can be passed on to the future generations.Moreover, plastic bottles are also hazardous to the environment.


If we rationally consider the health factor in our drinking water we recognize that the reverse osmosis filter is a more reliable source because the water produced by it is healthier, tastier and overall cheaper than bottled water.

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